Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) comes with a variety of reporting tools:

  • Management Reporter is the main financial reporting tool used for creating board-level reports quickly and easily. The modular building block approach reduces the need for duplicating effort when creating reports;
  • Standard reports – Dynamics GP comes with several hundred standard reports spread across all modules of the system which are quick and easy to use.  These reports can be grouped together so multiple reports can be produced with one mouse click;
  • Reporting Services reports duplicate many of the standard reports and allow them to be viewed in the web browser;
  • Excel reports allow reports to be viewed in Microsoft Excel with the data being refreshed on demand while the full functionality of Excel remains available;
  • SmartLists allow quick and easy enquiry on information and allow rapid export to Microsoft Excel. SmartList Builder adds the ability to create custom SmartLists to be created where the default ones don’t meet all requirements.

Additionally Perfect Image is a Certified Elite Qlik provider and has deep experience with the market-leading QlikView and Qlik Sense BI tools which can be provide another dimension to reporting and forecasting. A key strength is the ability to easily bring information together in one report or dashboard from multiple applications on different database platforms.

Each of the reporting methods in Dynamics GP can be customised and expanded upon with custom reports built by Perfect Image to meet your requirements.

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