Upgrading to Jet 2019: Upgrade Jet Reports

November 26th, 2018 by

Jet ReportsThis post is part of the series on Upgrading to Jet 2019.

Earlier in this series, I did an upgrade of Jet Analytics; in this post, I am going to upgrade Jet Reports (formerly known as Jet Professional, and before that Jet Essentials).

To upgrade Jet Reports, download Jet Reports 2019:

Download Jet Global Software

Extract the downloaded zip file and run the Jet Setup.exe in the 1 – Jet Reports – REQUIRED folder:

Run Jet Setup.exe

Enter your Activation Code and click Next:

Jet Setup - Activation

Select All Components and click Next:

Jet Setup - Choose an installation option

I have deselected the Jet Hub option as I don;t have this installed on my demo environment; click Next:

Jet Setup - Select Features

I usually opt to run services under a domain account, but Jet recommend that the Jet Service Tier run as NETWORK SERVICE (when I did try to run it as a domain account, it didn’t work).

Click Next to proceed:

Jet Setup - Jet Service Tier details

Enter the full SQL Server Instance name, choose the authentication method and set the Database name and click Next:

Jet Setup - Jet Services database and login information

I have opted to Upgrade the existing database so as to preserve the settings, and to make a database backup. Click Next:

Jet Setup - Upgrade database?

Check, and update if necessary, the Jet Service Tier Host and Port and click Next:

Jet Setup - Jet Service Tier information

Click Yes on the upgrade message; once you’ve clicked yes and performed the upgrade all client machines will need to be updated before they can use Jet Reports:

Jet Setup - Confirm Jet is to be upgraded

Click Install to begin the installation:

Jet Setup - Ready to make changes

Once the installation is finished, close the window. All client machines will need the client components installed before they can use Jet Reports.

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