Microsoft Dynamics GP Macros: Series Index

November 15th, 2017 by

Microsoft Dynamics GPUsually when integrating data into Microsoft Dynamics GP we will use Integration Manager, but sometimes this tool is either not available or suitable. Not all clients have a licence for the Customisation Pack (which includes the licence for Integration Manager) or the data to be imported does not have an available adaptor in Integration Manager; examples of the latter which I’ve done work with recently include Bill of Materials and Extended Pricing.

The alternatives to using Integration Manager include other tools such as SmartConnect or Scribe (which have their own price tags attached), direct SQL inserts (which do not respect business logic in the application) or the use of GP macros to play back actions.

This latter method is what I am going to cover in this series; I will cover the recording and playback of macros and how data can be loaded in bulk by using the recorded macro as a template.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Macros

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