Microsoft Dynamics GP Macros: Conclusion

November 27th, 2017 by

Microsoft Dynamics GPIn this series I am taking a look at how macros can be used to update data in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Despite the limitations of GP macros, they are a very good way to either insert or update data in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Using the mail merge method does not require a user to be especially technical and the Excel formula method is actually quite an easy approach for many Finance users as they are usdually very capable in Microsoft Excel.

I, personally, favour the SQL method a lot of the time, due to the ease and flexibility afforded by T-SQL. I’m also fairly good at writing SQL so can get code written quickly.

However, if I am working on macros either alongside or for clients to run, I will always use the Excel formula method, again because of the flexibility possible in the formula.

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